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The Bod Buster: Digestive Cleanse / Weight Balancing Formula

The Bod Buster: Digestive Cleanse / Weight Balancing Formula

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Unlock the potential of your body with Bod Buster herbal tincture, a harmonious fusion of nature's finest weight balancing ingredients.

  • Senna pods and cascara sagrada team up to gently cleanse and detoxify, while fennel, calendula, and chickweed offer a soothing embrace for your digestive system.
  • Green tea and ginseng help to energize and rejuvenate your senses, while tulsi works to connect mind & body.
  • Infused with the wild spirit of devil's club to curb cravings, and enriched with turmeric and a hint of white pepper to reduce inflammation.

Embrace a balanced figure and a revitalize mindset with Bod Buster.

*This blend can have a mild laxative effect. Prepare accordingly for the first two days until you know how your body reacts. Please note that any purging effect is your body releasing toxins and is a good thing! Please allow time for your body to balance and acclimate.

**This product & statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your doctor with any health related questions.

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